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The Icy City sits atop a patchwork world crafted from the crumbs of a ruined universe. The worlds ended, and now you have the difficult task of starting over—another chance to do it right. Hipster-baroque-queer fantasy roleplaying.  Over 300 pages of material including:

  • 15 adventure scenarios, ranging from small sites to dungeons to overland travel
  • new species and backgrounds
  • a new subclass for every D&D 5E class: alchemized barbarian, nekomancy bard, ooze cleric, void druid, slime fighter, ice monk, heritage paladin, gelatinous rogue, pudding sorcerer, tarot warlock, bean wizard
  • 10 site-specific carousing tables with NPCs and adventure hooks
  • 20 islands for use as a random generator or full adventure archipelago
  • dice drop maps for hex crawls
  • and more!

The PDF is fully bookmarked for ease of navigation on computer or mobile. While it references D&D 5E (such as referring to NPC stats), it's easy to convert to any fantasy RPG.

Not sure you're ready to take the plunge? Check out the Icy City Sampler for a free preview subclass, adventure, and more.

NOTE: This omnibus used to be available as a variety of digital zines. If you purchased any of those, I'm more than happy to discount your copy of the omnibus by whatever you paid. Please let me know!


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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