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A conversion of Icy City Omnibus from its original system to the weirder & wilder Troika!. Right now, it's 144 pages, including:

  • 18 backgrounds
  • 7 adventure scenarios
  • an outer space setting
  • 20 asteroids
  • rules for carousing with 10 sites to party at

The more it sells (and the more you pay for it), the more will be added, eventually topping out at 13 adventures and lots of random tables, sites, and more. Buy it now to get locked in at this low, low price; it'll only go up!

Adventure details:

  • Brother Beaubee's Burden: Help a shih tzu take a secret cargo to people in need. Along the way...murder?!
  • The Toys of Baron von Try-Hard: Play with a very large warlock's abandoned project and uncover the secret remainder of his magics.
  • The Rival School of Elemental Evil: Fight a tower of deadly combatants floor by floor.
  • Between the Moon & the Milkman: A warrior with a strange obsession with milk believes he can squeeze potable liquid from the moon. Travel there with him to see if it's true.
  • Straying Introduction: Explore outer space from a mobile astroid field base.
  • Lamplighter's Sun: Help a planet get a new sun; explore a bible.
  • Umber Hulk: Space Angel: Explore a living ship full of body horror.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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